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I write music, mostly songs and song cycles, which I perform with ALLUVIAL PLAIN. Songs about love, addiction, the planet, lazy days, elephants, rocks and stuff. Sometimes I sing without accompaniment with the SIRENS.
I also write poems, plays, stories and pieces-in-waiting. This month (June/19), I sing as girl in the park with Miss Owl (Olivia Blu), an amazing singer from Colorado. Please keep your eyes on our performance listings for up to the minute details about where and when.

My work has appeared in festivals, galleries, clubs and in theatres, both makeshift and the other kind. The “Have You Seen My Sister?” project continues and you can read more about it here. Excited about “Voyage to Anthropocene: songs for a new epoch”, which is in preparation now. Alluvial Plain previewed some songs at Canadian Music Week Thursdsay 3030 Dundas West Showcase and again on May 28, 2019 at the CPAMO Tuesday Showcase at the Aki Studio in Toronto’s Native Earth Performing Centre.
I hope you'll be able to join me/us at a club, a festival or a theatre sometime soon. If you'd like me to keep you posted, please sign up here to join our newsletter.

(Photo credit above, AAH, below (L-R): Faktorie, Geoffrey Bendz, Bendz,  Faktorie.)